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Boating Accident in Lake Havasu

Summer is almost here, and more San Diego residents are using the warmer months to enjoy boating trips on various bodies of water in Southern California. However, boating accidents can result in serious and fatal injuries. Indeed, according to a recent article in the Havasu News-Herald, a 28-year-old man sustained…


Boating Race Accident Fatality

Now that the spring is upon us, more California residents are enjoying vacation days on the water. However, boating accidents can be especially dangerous, and a recent sailing trip near San Francisco resulted in the death of one person and the serious brain injury of another, according to an article in ABC…


Investigator Stunned by Coast Guard Conduct

The criminal investigation into the Coast Guard boat accident that claimed the life of 8-year-old Anthony DeWeese is revealing a startlingly relaxed and sometimes “cowboy” attitude toward the operation of Coast Guard boats. The lead investigator into the accident has testified that boat operators failed to assign lookouts during patrols,…


Five Injured, One Killed in San Diego Bay Tragedy

A 33-foot Coast Guard boat slammed into a 24-foot pleasure boat during the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights show on Sunday night killing an 8-year-old boy and injuring five others, some seriously. Apparently no one was injured on the Coast Guard boat. According to the new reports, the 24-foot…