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Older Drivers and the Threat of “Pedal Misapplication”

The San Diego Union Tribune is out with a story today about the risks elderly drivers pose behind the wheel, and the problem of “pedal misapplication.” What is pedal misapplication? An innocuous way of describing what happens when a driver accidentally hits the gas when they think they are applying…


Jury Finds Lawyer Negligent for Giving Gift to Judge

Frank Rogozienski felt that something wasn’t right. The judge in his divorce case kept ruling against him, including voiding a prenuptial agreement that cost Mr. Rogozienski $20 million in stock. Making matters worse, the presiding judge on the case refused to disclose any conflicts of interest he might have. Mr.…


Appeals Court Rules Tow Truck Company Owed Duty of Care in Death Case

In 2005, several people were injured and killed when a documented gang member stole a tow truck from a commercial vehicle repair shop in Los Angeles County, and, while driving it away, lost control and drove up onto a sidewalk. The injured parties brought a lawsuit against the repair shop…


Appellate Court Burns Man Burned at Burning Man

Anthony Beninati was attending the iconic Burning Man Festival, when he fell into the fire at the annual ritual of actually burning the “Burning Man” was performed. Beninati suffered burns in the incident, hired a lawyer, and sued the Burning Man promoter for personal injury damages, alleging it was negligent…


CASE ANALYSIS: Escondido Motorcycle Accident Causes Serious Injury

Facts: An Escondido motorcyclist suffered serious injuries during the evening of January 13th, when the Suzuki motorcycle he was riding struck the front hood of a Toyota Camry. According to reports, the Camry backed out of a driveway on West 15th Ave. in Escondido and into the path of the…