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Diving Fatality at La Jolla Shores

Earlier this month, a diver died after being pinned against a sea wall at La Jolla Shores. He was found unconscious, and lifeguards were unable to revive him. This recent drowning accident should raise awareness about the dangers of diving in California. Drowning is a serious concern in southern California,…


Devastating Cheerleading Injuries on the Rise

It wasn’t that long ago when you would be impressed by the high school cheerleader who could do back flips on the sidelines. Now back flips are practically a prerequisite. As cheerleading becomes more and more recognized as a sport, and the competitive demands grow, doctors are seeing an increasing…


San Diego Marines Motorcyle Deaths Decline Due to Marine Corps Increased Safety Efforts

The number of local Marines killed while riding motorcycles decreased for the first time in three years. The decrease is the result of new safety classes made available to Marines at Camp Pendleton and Miramar Air Force Base. In particular, the Marines are targeting those who ride sport bikes which…


Non-Profits Help Injury Victims at Christmas Time

A major injury can cause major financial burdens, particularly at Christmas time. In San Diego County, there are a few non-profit charitable organizations founded by injured individuals and their families that are there to help. The Can’t Keep Me Down foundation, founded by Bobby DuCharme of Mira Mesa who was…


San Diego Jury Verdict Against Ford Will Stand

More than seven years after a San Diego jury awarded Benetta Buell-Wilson $369 million against Ford Motor Co. it looks like she will finally get paid. Ms. Buell-Wilson suffered a severed spinal cord when the Ford Explorer she was driving overturned on I-8. The jury found that Ford failed to…


San Diego Scientists Put Heads Together to Solve Spinal Cord Problems

In any spinal cord injury, the degree of ones recovery is usually dependent on the speed of treatment after the injury-producing event. The longer the wait, the more likely nerve cells wither and die, and paralysis follows. But now, for the first time, Neuroscientists at UCSD have been able to…