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Jury Awards $750K For Loss of Einstein Papers

San Jose State chemistry professor Dan Straus had something in common with his father and his father’s buddy: all were academics. Straus’s father was a renown mathematician, and his dad’s buddy a theoretical physicist. You might have heard of the physicist, his name was Albert Einstein. When Straus’s father died,…


Why Conservatives Should Oppose Caps on Malpractice Awards

California has onerous medical and nursing home malpractice awards. As we’ve discussed, under no circumstances can an award for non-economic damages (e.g., pain, suffering, disfigurement, etc.) be more than $250,000.00. If a jury, in its judgment, believes a person’s damages are worth more than the cap, a judge must reduce…


Could Oceanside Murder Have Been Prevented?

There is a very interesting legal story developing in Oceanside. Early on Christmas morning, 44-year-old Jimmy Misaalefua was gunned down in the cul-d-sac where he lived by his neighbor Robert Pulley. According to news accounts, Misaalefua was beloved in his community, a former Marine and college football player, who was…


VIDEO: Imagine a World Without Lawyers

Watch this excellent video from the Consumer Attorneys of California about what lawyers are doing now, and have done for centuries, to protect the rights of individuals. I particularly like that it highlights California’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) and the injustice it has caused. Most people don’t realize…